Building a Foundation for the Future 


Healing Media is a new organization that seeks to advance inclusive and holistic solutions relating to media cultures and technologies.

From the images we consume to the devices and applications we wear and use, media are crucial to our daily lives. We cannot live, work and play without them. 
As the MeToo Movement, Black Lives Matter, and environmental protests have shown, media also play a vital role in raising awareness and consciousness. 


Bravely facing global challenges head-on requires making better use of media in a way that focuses attention on the possibility of repair both for individuals and across communities, wider society, and the planet as a whole. 


As an organization, Healing Media carves out a space for reimagining what media are and what they can be. It seeks to advance awareness and knowledge about healing solutions, allowing those that have a vested interest in media, ranging from interested individuals, researchers and media-focused businesses to explore new and novel approaches. 


How can media’s consciousness-raising capacities be harnessed to greater effect? What media forms and technologies will provide support to healing at an individual, institutional and societal level? What opportunities lie in the future development of media to create healing effects? What does ‘healing media’ look like, and what does it do? How can we support its development?


Healing Media offers a range of resources and services for businesses and educational institutions seeking to be at the forefront of media change.



Healing Media's primary aim is to build a foundation for the future that will transform how media currently function and operate.

It harnesses the energies of tried and tested methodologies, combining these with innovative and experimental approaches that create maximum impact.


Knowledge exchange, networking, and consultancy allow Healing Media to provide vital support to existing businesses and organizations.

With an eye on the future, the foundation seeks to provide an incubation hub for generating and sharing ideas between people and groups who are interested in the future exploration of healing-based solutions. 

Above all else, Healing Media seeks to generate income and funding streams focused on inclusion strategies that have longevity, and which focus attention primarily on areas where healing is most needed.

Building a Foundation

As well as offering consultancy, Healing media seeks to build a sustainable foundation that will support research and development focused on advancing healing media.  

Phase one involves harnessing the energy of business leaders, those in research and development, and education to build a network for generating and incubating ideas.

This time will also mark the release of the first industry reports from Healing Media Press and the first in a series of book publications addressing the broader theme.

Between January 2022 to January 2024, Healing Media will host a range of open and closed meetings addressing primary challenges and questions.

In early 2024, the foundation will launch the first Healing Media World Summit celebrating achievements and providing a roadmap for the future. (Announcments will be sent via the newsletter - subscribe as a member or for free)



An invitation to rethink media.


From the news we consume to the devices we wear, we urgently need to rethink media and its role in our lives.

What are 'healing media,' and what new horizons of opportunity can they bring? What are healing media now and in the future?

This ignition report addresses all these questions and more, while also providing insight into the current state of the media industries and their role in bringing change.

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Dr. Karen Cross is the Research and Insights Lead for Healing Media.

Karen holds a Ph.D in Media and Cultural studies and has been an educator and researcher in media and cultural studies for almost 20 years.

Karen has a wealth of experience in defining research agendas and communicating about her work with international audiences both verbally and in written form.

Her passion is exploring the transformative potential of media in broader society in critical and practical ways.

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