Dr. Karen Cross is the Research and Insights Lead for Healing Media.

She holds a Ph.D in Media and Cultural studies and has been an educator and researcher in media and cultural studies for almost 20 years. 


During this time, she has led programmes and curriculum developments at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels with a strong focus on equality and social justice.


Karen has a wealth of experience in defining research agendas and communicating about her work with international audiences both verbally and in written form. 


Her passion is exploring the transformative potential of media in broader society in critical and practical ways.


She is currently Senior Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Roehampton where she supervises doctoral research projects. She also holds two postgraduate degrees in Social Research Methods and Women's Studies and Feminist Research. 


In 2019, she was made a Founding Scholar of the British Psychoanalytic Council . She is passionate about making insights from the field accessible and relevant to a range of expert and non-expert audiences. She is a regular on Clubhouse on related topics.


Forever committed to life-long learning, Karen has recently embarked on an Applied Cognitive Neuroscience MSc and is excited for the new avenues of research that this will open up. 


During 2022, she will be setting the agenda for the development of Healing Media, exploring collaborations as well as continuing her own research, writing and public speaking relating to this topic.

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